British Perfect Toaster with Window


Never burn your toast again — unless you get distracted. [Photograph: Telegraph]

After 15 years of toiling, British engineers say they have perfected a toaster with a transparent window through which you can watch your bread toast. The Magimix Vision Toaster, £160 (US$257), uses quartz heating elements at the corners of the toaster that "deflect heat evenly across the bread."

According to Magimix managing director Simon Kinder, "People wanted to see their toast going brown while it hovered in front of them so they could toast it to perfection. "Now they can do that and make sure it doesn't come out black or burned to a crisp."

It has an adjustable slot to accommodate "all shapes and sizes of bread" and, I hope, bagels.

I don't know. If the price came (way) down and it worked well, I'd consider buying one the next time I needed a toaster. It would be fun to watch bread brown in the morning. But I've gotten by fine with my tried-and-true machine. Once you toast a couple slices to get a feel for your toaster and "calibrate" it, you're pretty much good to go, right?