Serious Green: The Simpsons Go Shopping for Ultra-Vegan Invisible Cheese


While you're gearing up to make the rest of this year's holidays just a little greener, take a break and watch as the Simpsons go shopping for healthy food that "looks bad on the shelf but good in [their] colons" at "Wellness Foods" (a Whole Foods look-alike).

Homer worries about men carrying purses (reusable shopping bags) and Marge picks up items like "non-soy dairy-based soy sauce, steel-cut spelt husks ... free-range gluten, and ultra-vegan invisible cheese." When a small box of blueberries gets added at checkout, the total for the small bag of groceries rockets from $790 to $830.

I know some militant sustainorganica people (a word Adam introduced to me) who might not find humor in this video. I say, lighten up. Though I'm serious about being green, it's a good reminder to not take ourselves too seriously when it comes to working toward a healthier, sustainable, and affordable food supply.

Plus, some very important points are wrapped up in the hilariousness (the video appears after the jump)...

Plastic Bags are Bad, Very Bad

Is there anyone out there anymore without a reusable shopping bag hanging around? The trick is to remember to keep it in your car or the bag you take to work so you can actually use it. Need convincing? Just listen to Lisa.

It's Still Expensive

Whether you think eating locally and sustainably is expensive or not, the perception that it takes a lot of cash to fill a grocery cart with these kinds of foods is alive and well. This is something that anyone interested in working towards better food needs to be cognizant of.

Soy Doesn't Make it Better for You

Processed food is processed food - whether it's an item made from white flour or soy. Pass on the soy snacks, the soy cheese, and the soy balls and stick with the real thing: small production cheeses made by cheesemakers and meatballs made the old-fashioned way.

See the Simpsons on their grocery run after the jump.

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