Top Chef Las Vegas: Reunion Show Highlights

Note: Last week Jillian from Food Network Humor shared her hilarious food television commentary on the Top Chef finale. This week she's back with her take on last night's reunion episode.


[Images: Jillian Madison]

Another year, another Top Chef reunion special! This year's reunion was a lot like this season: boring, predictable, and splattered with Michael Voltaggio's smug commentary (tonight's addition: "I planned on taking Bryan out a little bit earlier than I did!")

And so, without further ado, here are the 6 most memorable moments from the Las Vegas reunion special.

1. Kevin Doesn't Speak French

Back in episode 4, Kevin won a quickfire challenge and earned the dubious honor of joining Joël Robuchon and several other French chefs at dinner. Kevin called it "one of the most intimidating experiences" of his life, not only because he was surrounded by some of the most talented chefs in the world, but also because he doesn't speak a word of French. Bravo celebrated this awkward moment with an amusing montage of "What They Said" vs "What Kevin Heard":


Don't be silly, Kevin. Your beard is famous now. It's only a matter of time until it has more Facebook fans than Sandra Lee.

2. Best of the Worst Judges' Commentary

Bull testicles! Cat food! Armpit hair, old bars of soap, and nasty things from the 1980s! No, I'm not referring to items that were discarded on last week's episode of Hoarders. Those were all actual terms the judges used to describe the food they were subjected to over the course of this season. And just in case "cat food" didn't convince us some of the food was gross, Bravo covered all their bases by replaying the clip of Tom spitting out Mattin's raw cod no less than 127 times.

3. Raise Your Hand if You Think Padma Doesn't Like You


Host Andy Cohen asked the cheftestants to raise their hands if they thought Padma didn't like them. Guess what? The majority of people raised their hand. Hell, Mike Isabella even raised two hands. Eve, on the other hand, took the opportunity to practice her marionette skills.

Padma tried to smooth things over by saying, "Over the course of the season I get to know all of you through your food. Afterwards, of course, I'd love to get to know SOME of you more." Ooooh. Burn. She's lookin' at you, Ash.

4. Mama V Randomly Shows Up and Gives Bryan a Corvette

The reunion was rolling along nicely, when Bravo decided to play their patented mom card yet again. Mama Voltaggio was called out on stage, muttered something about a garage, and then told Bryan she was giving him a fully restored '79 Corvette. Um, okay? Is this the Top Chef reunion or is Bryan the next contestant on The Price Is Right?

Bryan didn't seem to care. Maybe he thinks Corvettes are are trashy looking as I do. Regardless, she's a nice lady and all, but it's sort of silly that Mama V keeps showing up for completely random scenes like this. What's next, Bravo? Do you have her scheduled to shoot a cameo on next week's episode of Tabatha's Salon Takeover?

5. Extended Video Footage of Preeti Trying to Open a Clam


Under the guise of a blooper reel, Bravo ran several seconds of unintentionally hilarious footage of Preeti Mistry trying to shuck a clam. Pepper that with some well placed footage of Tom Colicchio rolling his eyes, and you've got yourself one heck of a laugh at Preeti's expense. Preeti, please pack your knives and go. To culinary school. For a very, very long time.

6. Michael's Dazzle Blazer


Hey, nice blazer, Mike. Does Adam Lambert know you borrowed it, you culinary rockstar you?

And that little fashion mishap brought this year's reunion show to an end! Here's to wishing the Top Chef contestants all the best of luck with their future endeavors (including Mike Isabella and his new wife, who may or not be Snookie from Jersey Shore), and we'll see you back here for Top Chef Season 7 in 2010!