The Best Potatoes for Latkes

Russet vs. Yukon Gold: Does it really matter?


Russet potato. [Flickr: sea turtle]

Po-tate-oh, po-tot-oh? Or do you believe certain types of potatoes make better latkes than others? According to, between Russet and Yukon Gold, it all came down to nostalgia:

The Yukon Gold had a bit more of a yellow color to them, but other than that I couldn't really tell them apart by sight. I am generally a fan of Yukon Gold potatoes, but I was worried that they wouldn't fry up as nicely as the Russets (of which I am less of a fan). The consistency of the two latkes, though, was remarkably similar. They each had a crispy browned outside and a creamy inside that tasted strongly of potato.

The Russet potato had nostalgia going for it. These were the latkes that I grew up eating...The Yukon Gold made a good, solid latke that I can't find any fault with...but holiday foods in general are tremendously caught up in nostalgia, and I found myself unable to judge what latke was best on its own merits. I kept coming back to the fact that the Russet tasted more like a latke to me.

Do you consider one potato as being more of the latke potato?

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