This Week's Tasty 10

According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items across the Serious Eats family of sites this week were ...


1. The Food Lab: How to Cook a Perfect Prime Rib "...When I buy a quality piece of beef—and honestly, does beef get any better than prime rib?—I have a great impetus not to mess it up, as do, I imagine, most of you. So this week, at the Food Lab, I've decided to get through a lifetime's worth of messings-up so that in the future I (and hopefully you, too!) will never again serve anything but a perfectly cooked roast...."

2. The Inaugural Serious Eats Cookie Swap "Nothing says the holidays like a table full of butter-laden treats. So this year the Serious Eats editors, columnists, and FoSE (Friends of Serious Eats) gathered around the conference table at SE World Headquarters to swap sweets, sip some Ronnybrook nog, and be merry. We weren't too strict on the "cookie" part of cookie swap--we let a few bars and brownies creep in there, too. Check out photos of all the cookies after the jump or peruse the recipes here:"

3. The Year That Was: Memes, Themes, and Schemes of 2009 "You thought we'd just forget, didn't you? No, no, no, girls and boys. Let The Year That Was 2009 commence!..."

4. Talk: Favorite Foods for Blizzards? "We're gearing up for a blizzard today in NY and trying to decide what ingredients to grab from the store for dinner. What are your favorites for a snowy night?"

5. Video: Drunk Fat Cat "I think there's a loose screw in my head because I nearly cried laughing watching this video of a fuzzy, grumpy-looking cat lump licking itself while at the dinner table. Admittedly, it's not even eating, but judging from the table spread it's preparing to indulge in some gyoza. And a glass of beer. And a cigarette. Watch the video after the jump."

6. Healthy & Delicious: Homemade Peppermint Patties "...You can make the minty pucks at home, using real ingredients and your refrigerator. They taste cooler and fresher than the storebought candy, and if executed correctly, will impress the pants off your guests...."

7. In-Flight Drinks: Spicy Tomato Juice "I drink ginger ale on only two occasions: when I'm swimming with Jim Beam Black or flying alone, a mile high. In my average Earth-bound human state, nary a sip crosses these lips. And as I occupy my eight insomniac hours from Heathrow to JFK by getting a few articles ahead before Christmas, I asked myself, flanked by holiday travelers ordering all manner of things from the Mad Men Joan-esque flight attendant, why we order what do we when we fly...."

8. The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Tour "If you've been following the Chocolate Chip Cookie Championships, you'll know that we've gone all over New York--uptown, downtown, Midtown, Brooklyn, and beyond--in search of New York's best chocolate chip cookie...."

9. Talk: Worst Meal of Your Life "...For purposes of discussion, I am limiting this to meals that you have paid for, to your chagrin, in restaurants. In other words, drunken binges, dinners at MIL's house, etc. don't count...."

10. Seriously Asian: Steamed Chocolate Cake "Why is this cake sitting in a bamboo steamer? Because it's been steamed rather than baked for moist, chocolate-y perfection. Check out the stats on this cake: an eight-inch cake containing four ounces of unsweetened chocolate, three tablespoons of butter, and one-half cup of sugar. Five eggs go into the batter. The cake takes eight minutes to cook...."