Gift Guide: For the Coffee Lover

Our gift-guide marathon continues. Don't know a caffeine addict? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed.

Giving someone a bag of whole bean coffee is kind of like a bottle of wine: it never fails and will probably get used. But the holidays are a time to think out-of-the-box. Whether your recipient is a barista, coffee buyer, or just a collector of brewing equipment, if you forgo the bag for one of these nifty suggestions you'll surely be remembered during every morning brew.

Hand-Held Espresso Machine: Maybe machine is a stretch, but this hand-held espresso maker requires only ESE pods, hot water, and a demitasse to make a shot of espresso on the go. It beats watered-down hotel brew any day. Available online at, $89

Ceramic Dripper: There may be cheaper plastic one-cup pourover coffee makers out there, but ceramic guarantees the water will stay hot as it soaks your grinds and drips into your cup. As a bonus, this one comes fashioned with the uber-hip logo of coffee-elitist-approved Blue Bottle Coffee of San Francisco. Filters sold separately. Available online at, $16

The Coffee Companion: A Connoisseur's Guide: This book covers all the bases for the coffee-obsessed: descriptions of over 150 coffees, brewing, roasting, grinding, and cupping tips, and in-depth descriptions of coffee estates around the world. Available online at, $14.78

Vacuum Jug: For those who are also design junkies: sleek and guaranteed to keep coffee hot, this jug is functional and fashionable both with and without a lid. Beats a plain jane travel mug any day. Available online at, $95

Cawfee Mug: Channel the inner New Yorker and diner coffee lover with the "Brooklynese" mug. You'll never have to guess what's in the mug as it's emblazoned on the front: "cawfee." Available online at, $9.95

Coffee Art: Highlight the beauty of the French press and the deep dark brown hue of spilled coffee with this 11x14 hand-printed work of art. Pair it with an espresso colored frame. Available online at, $35

Hand Grinder: A reminder you'll need to work for your coffee: a hand-powered burr grinder. Adjustable for any grind of your choice, it's also portable and the design is swoon-worthy. Available online at, $44

Monthly Coffee Subscription: With a choice of single-origin beans or made-for-espresso, this gift really does keep on giving: for three or six months! Single origin subscriptions are chosen by Counter Culture but you can pick your favorite espresso. Available online at, Starts at $76.83

Aeropress: Round out any of your coffee lover's equipment inventory with this tried-and-true brewing method. Somewhere between a Chemex, French press, and drip, the single-cup Aeropress requires a short brew time and powerful micro-filters. Perfect for science and technology geeks. Available online at, $25.95

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