Gift Guide: For the Chilehead

Serious Heat

Andrea Lynn, senior editor of Chile Pepper magazine, shares thoughts and observations from the fiery food world.

Don't know a spicy food freak? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed.


Look no further when you need a spicy gift to jazz up the holidays. These are our favorites from the past year, from zesty food products to cookware and apparel that captures the chilehead pride.

20091215-chilhead2.jpgChile Pepper Lights: Help Santa find the way to those cookies with these chile lights to decorate the Christmas tree and show off that spicy spirit. Available online at; $14.50

Chile Mouse:A chile pepper in the hand is worth two in the belly with this cute (and comfortable) mouse, compatible with all computers. Available online at; $30

DualSoaper: As someone who is constantly rushing to the sink to wash my hands from the remnants of chile, I have found this soap container to be amazing. Simply pump the top for hand soap, then wash out those chili-rimmed pots and pans by squeezing the base for dish soap. Available online at; $14.95


Spicy-Themed Baby Attire: Prove the pepper doesn't fall far from the plant with this chile pepper bunting outfit and cap or this Tabasco baby bib. Available online at; $29 and; $15.

Dave's Gourmet Adjustable Hot Sauce: This unique hot sauce can please everyone's palates in the family. The innovative pump spray allows you to change the heat of the sauce from slightly spicy to flaming fiery with a turn of the cap. Available online at; $9.99

Spicy Grill Charms: These grill charms will ID the spicy meat, warning any timid guests about your XXX hot marinade. Available online at om; $19.95 for box of 6

20091215-chilhead4.jpgCapsaicin Necklace: Show off your five-alarm personality with this classy, cute sterling silver capsaicin molecule pendant necklace. Available online at; $90

Prodyne Spice Tower Carousel: Stay organized while keeping your spices fresh with these 12 stacking canisters to store herbs and spices atop an easy-access spinning base. Available online at; $29.95

20091215-chilhead9.jpgHot Sauce Apron: When keeping your clothes splatter-free, be the envy of your chilehead friends with this cute apron decorated with a variety of hot sauces. Aprons also available in chile prints or flames. Available online at; $19.99

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