Gift Guide: For the Meat Lover

Our gift-guide marathon continues. Don't know a raging carnivore? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed.


Ever wonder what to get for the meat lover who has it all? Being an avid carnivore myself for thirty-or-so years now, I've received my fair share of meat-themed gifts, and these are some of my all-time favorites. They should warm the heart of just about anybody with a taste for meat.

20091202-branding-iron.jpgPersonalized Branding Iron: A carnivore is possessive by nature; they don't want anyone touching their prized cuts of meat. With this personalized branding iron from Texas Irons, that will no longer be a concern. Clearly steak your claim on a side of beef. Available online at, Starting at $24.95

20091202-17th-st-barbecue.jpg17th St. Barbecue: A jaunt in Reno at The Best in the West: Nugget Rib Cook-off left my with a conclusion that I've always known: Mike Mills is still churning out some of the best ribs in the country. Order your loved one a rack of the Illinois joint's world famous baby backs, or for a real treat, go for the whole barbecue feast. Available online at, starting at $29.99

20091202-sweet-meats.jpgSweet Meats: Dreams are destined to be meat-filled when you snuggle up with the oddly adorable plush meats from Sweet Meats. They come in varieties of t-bones, pork chops, ham hock, and bacon. Available online at, starting at $17.99

20091202-iberico-ham.jpgIberico Ham: Want to really show off? An order of Iberico ham should do the trick. Sure it's pricey, but this is the ham of hams. The name alone will get any meat lover salivating. Available online at, starting at $34.50 for 4 oz.

20091202-meat-wallet.jpgMeat Wallet: For that baller/carnivore in your life, we bring you the Meat Wallet. Parting with money is so much more fun when there's meat art involved. Available online at, $15.00

20091203-meat-artwork.jpgMeat Paintings: Bring a touch of meat to any room by adorning your walls with this painting of six cuts. Available online at, $55

20091202-cleaver-necklace.jpgMeat Cleaver Necklace: For us carnivores, meat can be a religious experience. Wear this meat cleaver necklace and let the world know where your faith stands. Available online at, $30

20091202-pig-cutting-board.jpgPig Cutting Board: Cute, useful, and meaty, this pig cutting board has it all. Works great as small prep board, serving tray, or wall hanging. Available online at, $32

Oldies But Goodies

These might look familiar but I couldn't imagine my Meat Lovers gift guide without 'em.

20091202-bacon-of-the-month.jpgBacon of the Month Club: As a recent recipient of this myself, I can wholeheartedly say it has to be one of the best meat gifts out there. With a seemingly more delicious package of bacon arriving at your doorstep each month, it's the gift that keeps on giving. Available online at, staring at $190

20091202-meat-book.jpgRiver Cottage Meat Book: A true meat bible. If it weren't for the shear size and weight of this masterpiece, I would never leave home without it. A library must-have for any fan of meat. Available online at, $26.40

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