Gift Guide: For the Healthy Eater

Our gift-guide marathon continues. Still looking for that special something? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed.


If you know someone trying to make a few lifestyle changes, these ten healthy eating gifts could land you on the Nice list.

Hot Sauce.jpgHot Sauce of the Month Club: Imagine it: the king of low-cal condiments, delivered to a loved one's doorstep every month. Their eggs, burritos, and chilis could never thank you enough. Available online at, $203.40 for 12 months, $75.80 for four times a year

Ellie Krieger So Easy.jpgSo Easy: Luscious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Week: Food Network's Ellie Krieger has the right idea about eating right, without ever resorting to deprivation or frankenfoods. Her newest tome concentrates on quickly prepared dishes with fresh, simple ingredients and lots of flavor. Available online at, $16.17

Zombies Tee.jpgZombies Hate Fast Food T-Shirt: Not only does this sweet t-shirt encourage exercise, but it offers support for the Slow Food movement. Alice Waters and zombies: together at last. Available online at , $16.11

20091214-digiscales.jpgDigital Kitchen Scale: For someone who's just starting to eat a little better, practicing portion control is huge. This pretty, easy-to-clean scale can help bunches. Plus, it's fun to see how much your hand weighs. Available online at , $39.95

Etsy Pear.jpgWhat a Pear: Fruit: it's as pretty as it is good for you, at least in these 8x10" prints from LuckyBluebirdArt. This pear/pair of birds is my favorite, but the Louisiana designer has over 130 pieces of art, many kitchen-related, to choose from. Available online at , $16

Best Light Recipe.jpgThe Best Light Recipe: Some of the recipes are straight-up healthy, while others are just lighter versions of beloved standards. Either way, Chris Kimball & Co. will never, ever steer you wrong. Barley Risotto is a favorite. Available online at, $24.50

H&D Salsa.jpgHarry & David Salsa Sampler: Low in calories and high in flava, salsa could be the perfect food for healthy eaters. From Raspberry Chardonnay to Sassy Artichoke, H&D has 11 fruit-and-veggie packed varieties to choose from. Pick four and ship 'em out to your favorite dip lover. Available online at , $23.80

Amazing Mackerel.jpgThe Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan: It's Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974 in book form, with extra-clever commentary from Pound's Wendy McClure. A hilarious reminder that dieting sucks, but not nearly as badly as it used to. Available online at , $9.99

Nonstick Skillet.jpgCuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 12-Inch Skillet with Helper Handle: Oven-safe, "designed for healthy low-fat cooking," and big enough for a family of 47, this could become a kitchen MVP. I've had a similar pan since 1997 and use it more than any other piece of cooking hardware.Available online at, $59.95

Cooking Light 11_09.jpgCooking Light: Newly revamped to include more recipes, CL remains the high priest of healthy food magazines. At $15, a subscription is a bargain that keeps giving all year long.Available online at, $15

Just a note: Unless you know the intended recipient really, really wants them, I might avoid purchasing memberships to Weight Watchers or a CSA. While well-meaning, the first can be misinterpreted, and the second can be overwhelming or go unused.