Gift Guide: For the Sweet Tooth

Our gift-guide marathon continues. Don't know a sweet tooth? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed.


Season's Sweetings! These treats will leave your favorite sweet tooth with more than just visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads.

2009127csgiftmagicmat.jpgMagic Dough Pastry Mat It's hard to know exactly how much dough to roll out for a six-inch tart or a ten-inch pie, but this portable, rollable, non-stick pastry mat is printed with several handy measurements. A great addition to any baker's repertoire. Available online at, $24.95

2009127csgiftwhisk.jpgAnimal Whisks: Whisking ingredients is a whole lot more fun when there are little birds, rabbits or squirrels embedded inside. Available online at, $9.99

2009127csgiftseasalt.jpgSecret Stash Sea Salts: As Dorie Greenspan says, "salt is pastry's unsung hero...a pinch is enough to balance the sugar in a tart crust, underscore the flavor in any chocolate dessert, give caramel that certain je ne sais quoi." And oh, the sweet places they'll go with Almond Cardamom or Apple 5 Spice sea salts. Available online at, $5 to 10

2009127csicecreamtimer.jpgIce Cream Timer: Is the waiting really the hardest part? Not with a cute timer like this, which looks like a swirl of soft serve sitting in a wafer cone. Available online at, $8

2009127csgiftgman.jpgGingerbread Man Spatula: Holiday baking may seem like drudgery at times. Make your favorite baker smile (and feel appreciated) with this sweet gingerbread man spatula. Your kindness might just be repaid in more cookies. Available online at, $8.95

2009127csgiftrice.jpgRice Krispies Holiday House Kit This is like a Rice Krispies treat and a gingerbread house had a baby. An adorable and delicious baby. Available online at, $16

2009127csgiftlegocake.jpgLego Cake Mold: Because cakes truly do taste better when they look like Lego figures. This mold is made of silicone, which can stand up to very high temperatures and ensures easy release of sweet treats. Available online at, $17.99

2009127csgiftsugarcone.jpgPorcelain "Sugar" Cones: These are like little ice cream objets d'art and won't leave eaters with ice cream-covered hands. Available online at, $17.99

2009127csgiftsideswipe.jpgSideswipe KitchenAid Blade Attachment: Scraping down batter by hand is so over. Attaching this little gadget to a KitchenAid mixer (various sizes are available) will do all of the scraping while it mixes. Available online at, $25-29.95

2009127csgiftyoga.jpgYoga Cookies: Eating gingerbread cookies shaped like people doing the downward dog position is practically exercise, right? Even yoginis will agree: health never tasted so delicious. Available online at, $35

2009127csgiftrolling.jpgA Serious Rolling Pin: Every baker should have a good rolling pin—a sturdy maple or heavy-duty marble variety is bound to delight. Available online at, $36-79

2009127csgiftparis.jpgIntensive Professional French Pastry Program: Feeling rich and/or very romantic? Your favorite baker would surely swoon at the prospect of this five-month intensive pastry class in the City of Lights. Available online at, 15,000€

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