Gift Guide: For the Graphic T-Shirt Lover

Our gift-guide marathon continues. Still looking for that special something? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed.


My wardrobe is about 75% T-shirts. If your fashion aesthetic is similar to mine, here are some food-related shirts you may enjoy. (Note: Not all shirts may ship in time for Christmas. Check with individual websites.)

20091214-shirtguide-coffee.jpgCoffee: If you can relate to this Toothpaste for Dinner comic, this shirt's for you. And then maybe you should do a caffeine detox or something. Available online at Sharing Machine, $16

20091214-shirtguide-wannaeat.jpgWanna Eat: I love designer Genevieve Gauckler and all her rotund, fuzzy creatures. Available online at 2K, $35

20091214-shirtguide-gelatidreams.jpgGelati Dreams: I wish my dreams about gelato looked this cool. I'm going to tell myself that I can make this happen by eating more gelato. Available online at Jeremyville, $35

20091214-shirtguide-hotdiggity.jpgHot Diggity: As I own this shirt, I can vouch for its characteristics of being wonderfully soft and cute. And everyone loves the pièce de résistance of the wayward hot dog nubbin. Available online at David and Goliath, $20

20091214-shirtguide-hotdogninja.jpgWhite Ninja vs Hot Dog: If cute hot dogs aren't your thing, maybe you'd prefer ninjas. In the battle between White Ninja and processed meat log in a bun, White Ninja is the victor. I think. Available online at Topatoco, $17.50

20091214-shirtguide-bottlesofbeer.jpg99 Bottles: Have you ever wondered what all those 99 bottles of beer on the wall actually looked like? They come in different shapes and sizes, with different facial expressions. Just like people. Available online at Threadless, $10

20091214-shirtguide-klondikebar.jpgCome to Papa: Polar bears love Klondike bars. It's not marketing; it's the truth. Available online at Cotton Factory, $9.99

20091214-shirtguide-dinnerisready.jpgDinner Is Ready: That's one way to serve spaghetti and meatballs: dumped out of a giant pot off a tower onto fleeing enemies bellow. Available online at Threadless, $10

20091214-shirtguide-praisethelard.jpgPraise the Lard: Considering how often I get comments on this shirt when I wear it, people seem to really like puns and pork. There are roughly a gazillion color combinations to choose from; I recommend the gold on green configuration. Proceeds from the shirt are donated to the the Careers for Culinary Arts program, so start praising! Available online at Neighborhoodies, $19.99

20091214-shirtguide-burgerbot.jpgBurgBot: In the future, burgers will take over the world by transforming into ketchup and mustard-shooting robots. Sweet! Available online at Design By Humans, $19

20091214-shirtguide-stinkytofu.jpgStinky Tofu: Stinky Tofu is a sad dude because he smells like putrid garbage. But he tastes good!—to some people. Available online at hamburgerpanda's Etsy shop, $24; also comes in womens' and kids' sizes

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