Gift Guide: For the Food Plush Toy Lover

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It's easy to get me a gift: as long as it's soft and cute, I will probably love it. If you know other people with the same childlike mindset (hey, it's that mindset that allows me to amp this site up with cuteness), one of these food-related plush toys should make them happy this holiday. Note: Not all plush toys are safe for children. Check each item for age recommendations.

20091209-plushguide-biggayicecream.jpgThe Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Ice Cream Cone Ornament: The New York City-based Big Gay Ice Cream Truck teamed up with crocheted toy-maker Alicia Kachmar to make this happy rainbow-colored ice cream cone ornament. Also check out Alicia's other food-themed toys. Available online at Eternal Sunshine's Etsy shop, $22

20091209-plushguide-pretzel.jpgBavarian Veal Sausage with Pretzel: Get your kids acquainted with German food starting with this cuddly set of a pretzel, (magnetic) sausages, and mustard plop. Available online at Plastica, $16

20091209-plushguide-cakespy.jpgCuppie the Cupcake Puffy Felt Ornament: It's our favorite anthropomorphic cupcake by Cakespy brought to life! Hang it anywhere that could use a dash of "rosy-cheeked smiling cupcake." Available online at cakespyshop, $6.95

20091209-plushguide-ninjajoe.jpgNinja Joe: There are many food characters in The World of Mr Toast, but for some reason Ninja Joe (the egg) is my favorite. It's an egg! Who's a ninja! I have one of these squishy dudes sitting on my desk right now and boy, is he a conversation starter. The conversation usually starts with, "What is that?" Available online at Mr Toast Store, $10

20091209-plushguide-sushi.jpgPlush Sushi: If there are happier sushi out there than these guys, I don't want to know about them. Choose between shrimp, tuna, and salmon roe—there's also wasabi and ginger for the condiment-lover. (For the purely hug-able, there's the Original Sushi Pillow sans smiles.) Available online at Think Geek, $9.99

20091209-plushguide-stomach.jpgStomach Plush: Although stomach makes a tasty dish, in this case I'm honoring the one that helps us digest food. Give the plush one a hug, and the one in you belly a rest every now and then. Available online at I Heart Guts, $18

20091209-plushguide-lilshopper.jpgLil' Shopper Play Set: This set features a reusable tote bag filled with five happy, noise-making plush foods: crinkle, peel-able corduroy banana; crinkle chime apple; open-and-close orange rattle; crinkle cabbage rattle; and rattle milk carton with peek-a-boo mirror. Safe for infants 6 months and older. Available online at Young Explorers, $26.95

20091209-plushguide-corn.jpgMad Kern Corn Plush Toy: For that special someone who'd appreciate a squishy buck-toothed ear of corn with dilated pupils-for-eyes. It's so anatomically correct, it even has a butthole! I swear, it's cute. Available online at SteffBomb's Etsy shop, $25

20091209-plushguide-eggtart.jpgLittle Miss Sleepy Eggtart: It's one of the best Chinese pastries in sleepy plush form. Available online at Cutesypoo Toys, $14.99

20091209-plushguide-clams.jpgFelt Clams: I am oddly draw to these clams. For one: they exist. They're not smiling, nor huggable, but they are nicely detailed. Available online at GoBuggy's Etsy shop, $28

20091209-plushguide-doughnut.jpgDonut Plush Boston Cream: Anything My Paper Crane touches becomes more adorable than the real thing, including doughnuts. Available online at My Paper Crane's Etsy shop, $15

20091209-plushguide-mameshiba.jpgMameshiba Plush: Mameshiba is a Japanese character of a bean that has the face of a puppy. Good thing, or else this green plush would just be a boring soy bean. Available online at UrbanCoutureNY, $29.99

20091202-sweet-meats.jpgSweet Meats: These plush meats and pillows already made an appearance in our meat-lovers gift guide, but here they are again in case you missed it the first time. Available online at, starting at $17.99

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