'Field & Stream' Magazine's Feature on Venison


Venison cubes. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Outdoorsy magazine Field & Stream spotlighted venison in this month's issue. For all the readers who shot Bambi but don't know how to eat it, this spread is incredibly comprehensive.

Why should you eat venison? Because it's more American than apple pie. How should you prepare it? Try Bobby Flay's pan-roasted venison with jalapeño sauce or Paul Kahan's roasted venison backstrap.

Speaking of backstrap, the magazine's editors also weighed in on their favorite cuts and for editor-at-large T. Edward Nickens, it's all about the backstrap (or the longissimus dorsi muscle, which aids in the deer's "zero-to-see-ya-later speeds"). He writes:

Every serious deer hunter has a secret preparation—a coveted recipe handed down by a grizzled uncle or stumbled upon thanks to just enough beer to make you forget the strictures of culinary decency. I've had backstrap slathered in mustard and Coca-Cola, split like a pig and stuffed with tomatoes, and stewed with onions by a Cajun spiritualist. And each time, it was delicious. I've also had backstrap bad many times, but the sin was the same: overcooking. Do with the backstrap what you will, but serve it as rare as you can get away with.

Other helpful features in the issue: a guide to refrigerating and freezing fresh venison, how to make delicious venison burger patties, and the best cuts of deer meat for jerky.

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