Home for the Holidays: What's Your Must-Visit Hometown Haunt?

Ah, I realize I was being a little narrow-minded yesterday when Jesse G. asked if I would start a thread about sentimental favorite pizzerias. There my have been some folks champing at the bit to talk about non-pizza places. So here we go.


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

A lot of us are home for the holidays or visiting family and friends in other cities right now. When you're home, what's your one must-visit vittles venue? Conversely, if you're a guest on someone else's turf, where did they drag you to show off the best of what their town has to offer?

I try to go to Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City. Not the one at the airport, not the one at Legends near the Speedway (although I hear it's hasn't suffered any loss in quality in the spin-off process), but the original location at 17th and Brooklyn Avenue in KCMO. The burnt ends there do it for me.

OK. Go.