Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 99: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Serious Eaters


All right, all right, serious eaters. I am going to dispense with the usual blow-by-blow, bite-by-bite, food-by-food description of all the temptations I've been confronted by this holiday season, because let's face it, you've already heard most of it. And frankly, I'm sure all of you are tempted by the same kinds of things this holiday season.

Everyone is confronted by too many cookies, too much chocolate, too many baked goods of every stripe imaginable, too many mini quiches, too many spiced nuts, too much eggnog, too many pigs in a blanket, and too many seriously delicious things in general. In fact, I'd like you to tell me what you have had the hardest time resisting this holiday season (for me, it's been sugar and spiced nuts)

In the meantime I just want to take this opportunity to wish all serious eaters happy holidays and a merry Christmas. May all of you eat lots of seriously delicious food this holiday season. In moderation, of course. I also want to give a holiday shout-out to all the serious eaters who listen to and support my serious diet. I don't want to get too sappy or sentimental on you, but I will say knowing you're out there helps a lot.

It's been a rough week because of all the reasons I've outlined above, but I'm still going to get on the scale after the jump.

The Weigh-In

The scale says 222. Up a pound from last week, but down two pounds from the middle of the week, when the holiday munching and noshing was just too much. So overall I'll take it. I don't like it, but I'll take it.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, serious eaters!