Peanut Butter + Cookie Dough Tube = Genius

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The Easiest Peanut Butter Cookies

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The phone rang the other day. It was my mother. Those of you who have read my posts before may recall that while I'm more of a from-scratch kind of guy, my mother is more, well semi-homemade.

"We're doing the office cookie swap next week, and I thought I should bring in some peanut butter cookies. Did you know that if you take a tube Pillsbury refrigerated sugar cookie dough and mix it with some of your peanut butter, it makes perfect peanut butter cookies?"

Now I didn't really know what to say—it kind of goes against every fiber in my being to do something like that.

"Why didn't you just use the recipe in our cookbook?" I asked, half knowing the answer.


Peanut butter cookies make a nice base for other variations too.

"Your recipes are all too complicated," she said. "And I didn't want to mess up the kitchen with all that flour and baking soda."

Now to me, that's why you have a kitchen—to mess it up with flour and baking soda. Half the fun of baking is getting your hands in the ingredients in their most basic form. But I will concede that Mom has a point—not everyone has time for the from-scratch philosophy every day. She cooks and bakes the way most of America does. And I learned from the whole Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie fiasco that her "innovations" often turn out pretty well.

But now I had another question for her. Why didn't she just buy pre-made Pillsbury peanut butter cookie dough?

"Oh Lee, I could never buy pre-made peanut butter cookie dough. That would be like me buying a jar of someone else's peanut butter!" As a loyal mother of a peanut butter entrepreneur, she perished the thought of buying someone else's peanut butter product.

Ah there it is: my mom's real recipe. One part love, one part support, and a pinch of guilt for ever doubting her. No matter how my mother bakes, she parents from scratch.

The next day a tin arrived at the office with a dozen peanut butter cookies. They were in fact, tremendously delicious, and no one could tell they were semi-homemade.

So if you're preparing for a cookie swap and want to bring peanut butter cookies but take a few shortcuts, try this recipe. I even created a few variations for those looking for more spunk. (I highly recommend the third tip.)


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