Do You Know What a Chunky Is?

Serious eaters, I was devastated and shocked when I arrived at World Headquarters today and asked the folks if they knew what a Chunky was. Only one of the five other serious eaters here knew what I was talking about. So, without looking or googling, do you know what a Chunky is?

I'll clear up the mystery for you, after the jump.

As a kid, Chunky was my go-to candy bar. I couldn't believe it was no one else's. At first I thought it was a regional thing, but since it's a Nestlé product, it should be available everywhere. After realizing that, I then felt really old.

Then again, according to Old Time Candy, it was invented in New York, which might explain why only the longtime New Yorkers in the office had heard of it but the more recent transplants hadn't. Or, at least that's what I'd like to think.

That's the current version of the Chunky in the photo; it contains raisins and peanuts today and is divided into four segments. The original version was a single square of chocolate with a lopped-off pyramid shape and was studded with Brazil nuts, cashews, and raisins. It came in a foil wrapper with the word Chunky on it. As in this commercial:

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