Sort-of Edible Christmas Trees: Alinea's Tempura-Fried Goose on Juniper Sprigs


I love how the tempura bit looks like a root ball. [Photographs: Christian Seel/Alinea Mosaic]

On the Alinea Mosaic forum, chef and photographer Christian Seel describes the technique and thinking behind Alinea's holiday-season tempura goose course.

A layer of goose-infused stuffing is topped with a piece of cured and sous-vided goose breast, which is in turn topped off with an armagnac-plum purée. All that is skewered on a juniper sprig, battered, and fried in fat rendered earlier from the geese. The juniper is warmed in the salamander broiler just before serving to release its aroma. [via @gachatz]