What Your Beer Says About You


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]



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When you reach for a Heineken do you realize you're a self-assured poser who feels really exceptional but actually lacks self-esteem? Whereas those chugging back the Budweiser are sensible, grounded, and practical. According to Ad Age, beer choices can be like a Myers-Briggs test, providing insight about personality types.

Craft-beer drinkers are more likely to spend time thinking about beer rather than work. They are more open-minded than most people, seek out interesting and varied experiences and are intellectually curious. Craft-beer drinkers also skew as having a lower sense of responsibility—they don't stress about missed deadlines and tend to be happy-go-lucky about life.

Apparently craft beer nerds are also 52% more likely to be fans of The Office. Sure there are some vast generalizations here but the beer-as-window-to-the-soul study is pretty entertaining.

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