Weekend Giveaway: Nudo Olive Tree Adoption

One of the best gifts I've probably ever given a friend was adopting a manatee in her name through the Save the Manatee Club. She received an actual photo of Brutus, her new sea cow bundle of joy, his bio, and a super official certificate. [Ed. note: this was very much inspired by manatee enthusiast Robyn.]

Our weekend giveaway has nothing to do with manatees but it's another neat opportunity to support an adoptive cause. Nudo is a family-run co-operative of olive groves around a small hilltop village in the Marche region of Italy. Through this one-year adoption ($150), you get to follow the progress of your own tree—the olive variety is up to you—and of course get some of the quality olive oil.

The oil deliveries will be spread out over 2010: four 500ml tins of first cold press extra virgin olive oil in the spring and three 250ml tins of infused extra virgin olive oil (like lemon, chile, or orange) in the fall. Not only do you get to douse salads and dunk bread in the tasty stuff but support an Italian family farmer who grew those olives.

To enter to win, just tell us your favorite type of olive. And even if you don't win, the adoption still makes a great holiday gift.

Contest will end and comments will close at 3 p.m. ET, Monday, November 9, 2009. One entry per community member. The standard Serious Eats contest rules apply.