Video: Coolio Makes Deep-Fried Turkey


What is rap star (and now cookbook author) Coolio's mantra for perfect turkey? "The mo' injections, the merrier." He recommends botoxing your bird with a syringe filled with tequila, diced garlic, "regular Italian dressing," a dollop-uh (the Coolio pronunciation of dollop) of honey, balsamic vinegar, pepper (measured in dime bags not teaspoons), soy sauce, and few other pantry items.

After plumping up the bird ("It went from a B-cup to a D-cup!") Coolio throws it into the deep-fryer. But he warns, and this video is just full of life wisdom, do not fry the bird indoors. You will burn down your house and have to buy a new one. Watch the video, after the jump.

Coolio Makes Deep-Fried Turkey

Get the full recipe from Coolio's My Damn Channel. Click on "More Info."


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