Video: 2009 New Orleans Po-Boy Festival


As far as festivals go, the kind that celebrates fried food on bread is a pretty good one. This Sunday is the third annual New Orleans Po-Boy Festival.

What exactly is a po-boy? Well, the definition isn't too concrete. You can put almost anything on a crunchy French loaf with sauce and call it a po' boy. Oysters, fried green tomatoes, shrimp, roast beef, ham and cheese, catfish, duck, barbecued meats. A bunch of New Orleans purveyors—including Acme Oyster House, Emeril's Restaurant, and Parkway Bakery & Tavern—will be stuffing miscellaneous foods (even French fries) into bread this weekend.

And if you're somehow not that into po-boys, the festival will also feature another New Orleans sandwich icon: the muffuletta. Next order of business: the Muffuletta Festival. Make it happen, people! The video, after the jump.

New Orleans PoBoy Festival This Weekend


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