Vegetarians, How Do You Do Thanksgiving?


We like this kind of fake turkey. The tofu kind, not so much.Photograph from JP Puerta on Flickr

It's almost Thanksgiving time, and my family has started to plan out our menu. But there's one thing we haven't figured out: a main dish that my younger brother, a vegan, can enjoy, while the rest of us chow down on turkey. Sure, we'll make the sweet potatoes without butter, the Brussels sprouts without bacon. (At least, some of them.) I might do a special take-out run for him; there are great, inexpensive Mediterranean and Japanese options within a few blocks. But eating cucumber sushi alongside mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie just doesn't seem right.

Vegetarians out there, or those cooking for one: What's your veggie-friendly Thanksgiving plan? Do you have a meatless holiday tradition? Or are the Thanksgiving sides enough?