This Week In Recipes

20091122baked eggs.jpg

[Photo: Robin Bellinger]

Seriously Sweet: Cakespy might have created a masterpiece with this pumpkin pie in a chocolate chip cookie crust and a great buche de Thanksgiving.

The Nasty Bits: Turkey gizzards are extra-large and boast some truly delicious flavor. Chichi Wang offers three unique recipes that celebrate the turkey gizzard.

Soup for the Soul: Nick Kindelsperger knows how to whip up a fantastic dinner and makes a substitution for Hainanese chicken rice and rice soup with ginger dipping sauce

Healthy and Delicious: Kristen Swensson combines sweet and savory flavors in a sausage, apple, and cranberry stuffing that is perfect for the season, even after Thanksgiving.

Brunch Time: After eating for a week at Thanksgiving dinner, start off the day with a healthy brunch—baked eggs with spinach.