This Week In Recipes


[Photo: Melody Kramer]

Seriously French: Kerry Saretsky creates a fantastic recipe for braised lamb shanks with lemon confit and sweet pearl onions.

Delicious Dinner: Blake Royer shares a flavorful recipe for seared cauliflower with couscous and almonds.

Celebrating Sweet Potatoes: Cakespy remedies the problem of being too full to enjoy sweet potato pie after a full Thanksgiving feast with this sweet potato tarte tatin.

Fool-Proof Crust: While a store-bought pie crust can be a great convenience, Melody Kramer's recipe for easy chocolate pie crust might have you making your own.

Gluten-Free: Millet, which is the "tofu grain of the world", does not have to be boring, especially with this recipe for chilled millet salad with jicama and mango.

Tripe Bliss: Always uncovering something unknown and delicious, Chichi Wang celebrates the glory of lamb tripe with this two-day recipe for lamb tripe stew.