This Week In Recipes


[Photo: Kerry Saretsky]

Choose Chouquettes: Kerry Saretsky proves that these classic French pastries chouquettes are surprisingly simple and unsurprisingly delicious.

A Tasty Secret: Mashed potatoes are just about as basic as it gets, but there is a huge difference between a good mashed potato and an amazing mashed potato.

Trick or Treat Remix: This week, Cakespy creates a recipe that makes use of all that Halloween candy you have lying around with this leftover Halloween candy pie.

The Power of Fat: Always delivering the unexpected offal delight, Chichi Wang creates a confit of pork tounge with a warm lentil salad.

A Patty of Pig: Ground pork, bacon, and standard Asian flavors like chili, ginger, and scallions come together in these pork patties.

My Way or the Highway: Joy Manning introduces her preferred method of cooking simple black beans and rice.

Purée Perfection: Michael Natkin dishes out this recipe for tahini, a blend of sesame seeds, garlic, and lemon juice—not to be confused with hummus.