The Secret to Adam Perry Lang's Amazing Sweet Potatoes: Bananas


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Sweet Potatoes with Banana and Brown Sugar

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If you're in Thanksgiving side dish panic mode, you can relax now. Trust me.

I was there myself yesterday. Until it came to me in a seriously delicious dream: Chef, barbeculogist, and cookbook author Adam Perry Lang used to send over these amazing sweet potatoes along with his incredible smoked short ribs. But he would never give me the recipe, no matter how many times I asked.

Fast forward to yesterday. We had posted a bunch of recipes from Lang's book Serious Barbecue (yes, we do love the name here at HQ), but somehow I had never thought of looking in the book for his magical sweet potato recipe. Until now.

The recipe is there, in living color, and now it's here, ready to be made by Serious Eaters everywhere looking for that one seriously delicious sweet potato recipe to complete their Turkey Day repast. I promise that should you decide to make these, everybody who eats them will be seriously happy the moment the first forkful hits their taste buds.