This Week In Recipes


[Photo: Kerry Saretsky]

Warm Up Winter: Kerry Saretsky shares an elegant and tasty recipe for pizza savoyarde, made with Reblochon cheese, potatoes, and ham.

Feed Your Soul: Thick tortilla chips, salsa, and cheese are the necessary ingredients to make chilaquiles, but Blake Royer gives his chilaquiles verdes a whole lot more.

Miraculous Melt: Sometimes simple is just better. This week for dinner, Nick Kindelsperger griddles a homemade patty melt with deliciously simple results.

Souper Squash: Fall is the perfect time to make hearty soups with seasonal vegetables. You will get just that with this Seriously Meatless recipe for acorn squash soup with brown butter and maple yogurt.

Excellent Ear: Chichi Wang hits another tastebud with this recipe for fried pig's ears, perfect on salads, in pastas, and more.

Take A Dip: Great for upcoming holiday parties, this Healthy and Delicious recipe for spinach and cannellini bean dip will definitely become a new favorite snack.