This Week In Recipes


[Photo: Gina DePalma]

French Fried: Kerry Saretsky brings you another delicious French meal with her recipe for sorrel shrimp rissoles with artichoke aïoli.

Rogue Carbonara: This recipe from Blake Royer adds a touch of decadence to the already perfect pasta carbonara with the additon of ricotta cheese.

Fantastic Figs: Dried or fresh, this delicious fruit is a staple in the Seriously Italian kitchen and the main ingredient in these addicting fig and almond cookies.

Embellish the Basics: Use your culinary imagination and jazz up this basic recipe for tortilla casserole any way your heart desires.

A Taste of Brazil: These mouthwatering truffle-like candies, brigadeiros, are considered one of Brazil's most delectable sweets.

Really, Really, Decadent: Erin Zimmer says, "Just go for it!" with Paula Deen's insanely rich (and caloric) gooey pumpkin butter cakes.

Tasty Tongue: Chichi Wang does not hold back this week with her recipe for fried duck tongue that "melts in your mouth."

Cakespy Candies: Master of all things sweet and delicious, Cakespy whips up homemade candy corn just in time for Halloween and the fall season.