This Week in Recipes


[Photo: Blake Royer]

Okra in Every Bite: Nick Kindelsperger feels that "okra needs to be treated with a little love," which he does in this great recipe for okra curry.

Mac N' Cheese, Please: Blake Royer shares a recipe for a timeless classic, skillet macaroni and cheese.

Bang for Your Buck: In this economy, a dollar here and there really adds up. Robin Bellinger gives us this recipe for polenta with broccoli rabe, serving four people for only $4.19.

Crazy for Quiche: A meal in one crust, this Meat Lite recipe for potato-crusted sausage, leek, and spinach quiche is a flavorful dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Serious Brownies: Tam Ngo promises that these "adult brownies" do not contain alchohol, tobacco, or controlled substances—they are just dense, rich, and really, really, good.

Simply Basbousa: A Turkish coffee cake comprable to cornbread, but made of semolina and coated with an irresistibly sweet glaze—basbousa can easily become your secret simple weapon for all occasions.