This Week's Tasty 10

According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items across the Serious Eats family of sites this week were ...


1. Recipe: Pumpkin Whoopie Pies "Usually when I think about whoopie pies, my thought process isn't too complicated. I want to eat that. Preferably now. But making pumpkin whoopie pies for the first time, I started analyzing the white, fluffy innards...."

2. Seriously Asian: Burmese Chicken-Coconut Soup "Poured over a bed of noodles, it's just as soothing but far more exciting than your average chicken noodle soup."

3. Talk: The Most Unhealthy Thing You've Ever Made "...So, what is the most unhealthy-yet-delicious-thing you've ever made at home and was it at all ruined by the thought of how bad it was for you?"

4. How-To: Chocolate Balloon Bowls (Not a Hoax) "Making bowls out of chocolate and balloons may not pave the way for your own reality show, but they will certainly grab your guests' attention. Water balloons, in particular, are the perfect size for dipping into tempered chocolate--and harden in just ten in the fridge. You can then fill the chocolate balloon-sized molds with candy, ice cream or whipped cream. (And don't worry, they're too small for any children to fit inside.)..."

5. Recipe: Healthy and Delicious Spinach and Cannellini Bean Dip "...Let's cut to the chase, then: there's only one problem with Giada DeLaurentiis' Spinach and Cannellini Bean Dip, and that is you will never, ever want to stop eating it. It is the 1972 Dolphins of dips. It's right up there with Ina Garten's Roasted Eggplant Spread, which is the highest honor one can bestow on a dip...."

6. Talk: Your Clever SE Name "When I registered on SE, I used my plain old boring given name. Most of y'all have creative, punny, descriptive, regional, food-ish names: gastronomeg, pavlov, 1stmakearoux, climbhighinAK, yayfood, finewinedine. Even dbcurrie has a food name. I wish I had been as clever as you. So, everyone, not just those listed above, tell me the story of your SE name."

7. Recipe: Phở Đuôi Bò (Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Oxtail) "Since we'll be stuck in dark drizzle for months to come, let's talk about phở, a perfect food for chasing away the doldrums of winter. Phở bò is a Vietnamese beef noodle soup; phở đuôi bò is one made with oxtail. Regardless of meat choice or spice, the prototype is plush with the mouthfeel of gelatin, springy noodles, and bright herbs...."

8. Recipe: Cakespy's Frida Kahlo's Pan de Muerto "Have you ever looked at a Frida Kahlo's enigmatic self-portraits and wondered what secrets might lurk behind her signature (and very assertive) brow? Well, I can share at least one, discovered while leafing through Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: Frida Kahlo's Pan de Muerto recipe. Pan de Muerto ("bread of the dead") is a traditional Day of the Dead treat. The dough of the rich, sweet bread is twisted into bone and skull motifs to pay homage to relatives and friends who have passed...."

9. That's Nuts: As American as Peanut Butter and Apple Pie "It's apple season. Go to any farmer's market and you'll see them--bushels and bushels of Braeburns, McIntoshes, and Macouns. I've created many tasty recipes using apples and peanut butter over the years but was never able to perfect an apple pie recipe using peanut butter. So with all these apples in season right now, I thought this was a good time to get that peanut butter and apple pie recipe going again...."

10. Talk: Stupid to Make Homemade Halloween Treats? "...I don't have kids, but I'm not sure if I'd be too wary of letting my kids eat homemade goods from people in the immediete neighborhood. I'd like to think some parents who knew mine would let their kids eat stuff that I made. I'm making a ton of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies anyway and am wondering if I should give them out...."

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