Serious Eats' Brown Bag Challenge

20091001-brownbagchallenge.jpgWe're excited to announce our participation in this year's Donors Choose Social Media Challenge, along with a whole bunch of blogs (including Apartment Therapy, Gawker, and Blogher). Donors Choose is an online charity that matches classroom projects with donors. We're asking you to join our Brown Bag Challenge to help us fund food and health-related projects. During last year's challenge, more than 165 bloggers participated. All told, they raised over $275,000 for classroom projects reaching 67,000 students in low-income neighborhoods around the country.

Donate Your Lunch Money to a Classroom Project

Help us make a difference in classrooms around the country by funding food and health-related classroom projects. It's as easy as brown bagging it and donating your lunch money to a classroom project via the Serious Eats Brown Bag Challenge Page. Throughout October, we'll be adding projects to the giving page, and if you have specific projects you'd like us to add, please share the link in the comments.

Here are a few of the projects we'd like to fund:
Kindergarten Kitchen - Feeding The Future
Class Cafe
Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds

How does it work?

DonorsChoose: How it Works

When you give to DonorsChoose, you choose the classroom project, DonorsChoose purchases the items the classroom needs and delivers it to the teachers. You change lives and see the results through photos of the students and thank-you notes.

Browse all the Serious Eats' Brown Bag Challenge projects and give today!

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