Scrambling Eggs with an Espresso Machine


[Flickr: FoodMayhem]

Typical of most wands, the milk-steaming one attached to an espresso machine can be magical. Jessica of Food Mayhem discovered this was the trick behind Gottino's delicious steam scrambled eggs. According to chef Jody Williams:

Hold the jar underneath the steamer wand (milk steamer on an espresso machine) and let the wand dip into the egg mixture. Turn on the steamer and swirl about until the eggs are scrambled but soft and runny.

The eggs turn out creamy, tasty, and melt-on-your-tonguey. Calling all baristas: when nobody's watching, go grab an egg, crack it into one of those mini milk-steaming pitchers, and report back. Just beware of the floating egg bits in the next latte order.

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