Photo of the Day: The Back of Someone's Head


[Photographs: Erin Zimmer]

That's not just the back of any head. Can you guess who? Behold the matching face, after the jump.


It's Paula Deen, y'all. Here she is mid-cackle at the New York City Wine & Food Festival's Down South Up North dinner over the weekend, where she ate sweet potato bourbon mash, fried chicken, and pork shoulder with the 300 other people who packed into Hill Country. Whenever she moved an inch, she'd get bombarded with freakishly happy fans begging for a picture.

At one point I was standing right behind her buttery goodness, and I thought, "wow, I could really touch her right now if I wanted to."


And sure enough, I did touch her when we shared this precious moment together. It was a crazy blur of a few seconds—I'm pretty sure she smooched my cheek. Also, her eyes are an insane shade of ice blue.


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