Günter's Hot Dog Stand in Stockholm, Sweden

Note: Roger Magnusson first appeared on A Hamburger Today with a review of Sweden's most popular burger chain, Max. Now he's back with another Swedish fast food report, this time about Günter's, a hot dog stand in his home of Stockholm.


Gunter behind the counter with a Kabanoss served in a French bread roll (fralla in Swedish) with hot sauce, mustard, and sauerkraut. [Photos: Roger Magnusson]

20090930-gunters1.jpgIn Sweden, hot dogs are a typical fast food dish. We have all kinds, from the ordinary dog with only bread to a half special, a normal grilled hot dog topped with mashed potatoes and a mayo-based shrimp salad (räksallad in Swedish).

In Stockholm, we have a lot hot dog stands, or korvkiosks. But one that sticks out more than the others is Günter's. He is not part of a big chain like most of the others—he is just one lonely guy a "few steps off the strip." His korvkiosk lies a short walk from the Karlberg train station on Karlbergsvägen (you can view a map on his website).

So what's so special about this guy? He has 25 different kinds of hot dogs from all over the world. Here are some of them:


  • Alpen Wurst: Just like Arnold, this one is from Austria. Flavored with cayenne pepper and garlic.
  • Argentinian Chorizo: Ground beef with garlic.
  • German Coburger Wurst: Ground pork with secret spices.
  • Yugoslavian Bratwurst: Ground pork with pepper and mustard
  • Hungarian Kabanoss: Ground beef with pepper


A half special topped with mashed potatoes and mayo-based shrimp salad.

He also has normal Swedish dogs, like the half special and the Grillad med bröd och en Pucko, a grilled with bun and a Pucko (a Swedish milk drink that tastes like milk chocolate). All of these dogs are 42 cm long (16.5 inches)

There's a rumor that if you order Gunter's special you will have a strong beer with your order. "So what?" you might say. Here in Sweden it is a big thing since normally you can only buy beer at Systemet, the government run chain of liquor stores. But that's just a rumor.

So if you are in Stockholm, don't miss Günter's.