Do You Eat the Bruised Parts of Bananas?


[Flickr: PKDan]

It's a topic that had us thinking at Serious Eats headquarters today. Our reactions:

  • Ed: "This question has always vexed me: Am I supposed to, and is it even OK to eat the bruised, discolored parts of the banana? I usually cut them out, as I did this morning. But occasionally I just power through the banana, brown areas included. I do draw the line at blackened banana. If it's black all the way through it's definitely headed for the trash."
  • Alaina: "I don't eat the bruises. I cut around them. Maybe I should invest in one of those banana carriers?"
  • Adam: "If it's just a bit of a mild brown spot, not much bigger than a pill, I'll eat it. Who wants to bother grabbing a knife to cut it out? But if it's narsty black, then no. Who would?"
  • Robyn: "Assuming it's just some spotting and hasn't infected 50%+ of the banana, I eat the bruised bits."
  • Tressa: "I put bruised bananas in the freezer—that is where bruised bananas go to die. But they are resurrected in the form of smoothies."
  • Erin: "I eat them. There I said it. In fact, I may even go as far as saying I seek them out."

So, where do you stand on the issue?