10 DIY Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

All of these costumes are cheap, pretty throw-it-togetherable, and will make other people around you hungry.

1. Food Mascots


From left: Sun Maid Raisin girl, Morton Salt Girl, Jolly Green Giant, and the Chiquita Banana lady. [Photograph: Tressa Eaton]

  • Sun Maid Raisin Girl: A bonnet, white blouse, head scarf, and basket full of grapes. (Bonus points for sunshine rays emanating from your body)
  • Morton Salt Girl: Wear a yellow dress (preferably with a huge bow) and hold an umbrella. (Fun fact: that would be our own Serious Green columnist Tressa Eaton in the photo!)
  • Jolly Green Giant: Green shirt, green leaf-bearing toga, and green headband. Act jolly.
  • Chiquita Banana Lady: A woven hat full of fruits piled on top, big hoop earrings, and a poofy dress.

2. Deviled Egg


[Flickr: txkimmers]

Most ladies probably have a devil horns headband and tail lying around from a previous devil costume. Multiply that by a white blob with yellow center—ta-da, everyone's favorite finger food.

Get two pieces of white poster board, cut two large ovals (of the same size), and color in a yellow yolk on one. Punch two holes at the top of each egg and string yarn through the holes, connecting them so they sit on your shoulders. Or you can always use a white sheet instead of poster board, and cut it into a poncho shape.

3. Trader Joe/Josephina

The unofficial Trader Joe's commercial.

Because dressing up as a cashier from any other grocery store just wouldn't be as cool. Wear a Hawaiian shirt, lei, and name tag (include your hometown).

4. Sriracha Tube


[Flickr: Shannon At Zeer]

This requires super advanced puffy paint skills. Get a red shirt and white puffy paint squirter from your local crafts store and, with a Sriracha bottle nearby, recreate the rooster design and "HUY FONG FOODS, INC." labeling underneath. Find a green hat; wear it.

5. Gummy Worm


This is not an actual person, just inspiration. [Flickr: digipam]

Basically just wear one shade on top and one on the bottom for that classic duotone gummy worm look. Squiggle around with awful posture all night.

6. Fruit Tree

Wear brown pants and a green long sleeve shirt. Pick up some artificial fruits at a crafts store or 99-cent type place and wrap them around your arms and torso haphazardly.

7. Bag of Jelly Bellys


That would be my lifelong friend on the left who's been rocking this costume since we were little. [Photograph: Tovah Moss]

Blow up a bunch of multi-colored balloons, but not too huge. Take a dry cleaners bag and cut two leg holes at the top (the hanger side). Step into the bag and fill it with balloons. Punch out two arm holes and tie the top around your neck with a big bow.

8. California Raisin

California Raisins commercial, circa 1986.

Take an extra-large black trash bag (if they start making a purple version, opt for that), hold it upside-down and cut a hole towards the top for your face. Put the bag over your body (please do not suffocate) and poke holes for your arms. Wear big sunglasses, white gloves, high-top Converse, and pants of some sort. Toy saxophones are also encouraged.

9. Top Chef-testant


Top Chef Las Vegas. [Photograph: Bravo]

Wear a white lab coat and try to bring up topics like olive oil-poached halibut and turnip foam as much as possible. For a creepier twist, pick a specific person from this season's Top Chef Las Vegas.

10. Chipotle Burrito


[Photograph: chipotle.com]

How often do you get to use an entire box of aluminum foil at once?! Exactly. Just wrap yourself up until you're covered and look like approximately 1,000 calories.


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