$25,000 Cupcake Car For Sale in Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

The annual Neiman Marcus Christmas Book sells fantasy items that about a fraction of a fraction of people could ever afford—$20 million submarine, $1.76 million space charter on the Virgin Galactic spaceship. But the most expensive item this year is relatively cheap: the $25,000 Cupcake Car.

"Slip under the muffin top of your Cupcake Car, and let the world figure itself out for awhile," advertises the catalog. Maxing out at seven mph, the ride is tricked out with sprinkles and swirly frosting accessories. California-based artist Lisa Pongrace, who first launched the design at Burning Man, will even customize your topping.

This marks Neiman Marcus's attempt to cut back on the $1 million-plus super-ridiculous gifts and settle for the semi-ridiculous things. After the jump, watch video footage of some Bay Area folks (aka the luckiest people ever) scooting around in these.

Riding the Cupcake Car


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