This Week's Tasty 10

According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items across the Serious Eats family of sites this week were ...


1. Cake Wrecks, The Book: An Interview with Creator Jen Yates »
So, Jen, Is there one theme that's continually wrecked? Babies? I'm seeing a lot of freaky babies. "Baby showers continue to be the Wrecks-theme champion. I don't think there's any other category of cake that is so consistently Wrecky, which must be why I love them so much."

2. Jazzing Up White Rice » "Often I'll wonder what else I can do to rice-as-a-side-dish to elevate it a bit. I've tried using chicken broth instead of water, adding in sauteed onions, celery, peppers and toasted pine nuts. Without making too huge a project out of the rice dish, are there any other quick tricks to transform rice into something more interesting?"

3. Video: The Marshmallow Temptation Test » "What happens when you put munchkins in a room with two hidden cameras and a marshmallow? They have a really tough time not eating the squishy white poof, even if they know they'll be rewarded with more if they resist."

4. Cakespy: Chocolate Peanut Butter Special K Bars » "To me, the American Midwest is a magical land where bars reign supreme. I'm not talking about places where people meet and drink, although there are plenty of those too. I'm talking about bar cookies. Bakeries in the Midwest seem to devote prime bakery case real estate to the decadent treats in a way I've seen in no other part of the country—it's a truly beautiful thing...."

5. Barbecue: Pulled Pork » "Due to some complications at my previous residence—including a nosy neighbor who was convinced I was burning down the hood every time I fired up the smoker—it's been over two years since I've made pulled pork, a shame that's hard to live down. With my new digs has come confidence, and this past weekend I smoked up two beautiful pork butts...."

6. Data Visualization: Distances to Nearest McDonald's » "In an attempt to find the most remote piece of wilderness in the lower 48 states, Stephen Von Worley of the blog Weather Sealed created this visualization that represents distances to the nearest McDonald's."

7. Sunday Brunch: Potatoes Macaire » "I don’t often eat brunch in restaurants. As a thrifty person who is perhaps unhealthily devoted to baking at home, I have neither the money nor the calories to spare for mediocre pancakes. The big draw at a restaurant brunch for me is hash browns or homefries, since I don’t usually get motivated enough to make breakfast potatoes myself. Now that I’ve made pommes de terre macaire, however, I might get into the habit."

8. Serious Heat: Sriracha Hot Wings » "...But what if you don’t have a fryer (or grill, for that matter)? Can’t my oven and broiler churn out hot wings nearly as good? I make no qualms about my love for Sriracha, so I decided to skip the Frank’s and go all-Sriracha for my wing sauce. A little sprinkle of Sichuan peppercorns and soy sauce added to the Asian flair of the dish, which turned out to be exactly what I was craving. The oven cooked the chicken, while the broiler helped infuse the sauce into the wings and crisp them up...."

9. Eaten What's Not Food? » "...What is the worst experience you've had at a restaurant of something you ate that wasn't supposed to be on the plate? I was eating at a local pizzeria, and I ordered the pepperoni and spinach pizza. It was delicious --it always is. And the place is so clean, great beer selection; It's my standby place! I was getting full, but could stuff down one more slice and as I took the first bite of the slice I noticed a weird taste. Then I bit down, then it tasted AWFUL and there was a weird sensation. I put a finger in and pulled out HALF a gross cockroach-esque looking bug!..."

10. The Nasty Bits: Pig's Skin » "When we think of eating organs, we imagine the red, glossy innards of various beasts and fowl. The skin, however, the largest organ of them all, is a boon for the cook and meat lover. When stewed, skin adds body and gelatin to the stock; when baked or fried, its crisp qualities are incomparable...."