This Week's Tasty 10

According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items across the Serious Eats family of sites this week were ...


1. The AHT Guide to Hamburger and Cheeseburger Styles "We toss around references to different burger styles on this site all the time, but it occurred to me that we've never really set them out all in one place for easy reference. I'm doing that now. Here's a list of all the burger styles we could think of. If there's something here we're missing, chime in with a comment. Here goes, in no particular order our guide to hamburger and cheeseburger styles..."

2. Seriously Asian: Stir-Frying Vegetables "Relying on the stir-fry method is mostly a matter of necessity. In the olden days, Chinese cooks were dealing with two conditions—there was a limited amount of fuel but an infinite supply of labor in the form of family and friends. Stir-frying evolved to accommodate these circumstances—to exert less energy while employing the many free hands in the household."

3. Dinner Tonight: Fried Egg Sandwich "The fried egg sandwich is one of my longtime comfort foods, the dinner my mother would offer to make me when I came home from school after a bad day. She always made them with English muffins, an over-easy egg, a little melted American cheese, and crisp bacon. Those classic flavors—buttery dough, runny egg, and the porky bacon—are still the things I need for the sandwich to succeed. Though it's true I've never turned down a sliced avocado or a thick slice of tomato, either."

4. Paula Deen Is Trying to Kill Us, With Cookware! Items in her cast iron line recalled due to danger of shattering during heating.

5. Gadgets: Pure Komachi 2 Knives "...Pure Komachi 2, a subsidiary of Shun, makes an impressive line of knives at knockout prices. With not a single knife topping $25, I was skeptical as to the quality of these blades, but the aficionados behind the store counter couldn’t contain their excitement when I asked them to share their thoughts...."

6. Cakespy: Bacon, Cereal, and Orange Juice Breakfast Cookies "...when I recently found myself leafing through Cookies by Natalie Hartanov Haughton, published in 1987, I found an intriguing entry for "Get Up and Go Breakfast Cookies," which are described as being "highlighted with bacon, cereal and orange peel—great for breakfast on-the-run." These are basically a breakfast trifecta, with Grape Nuts, bacon, and orange juice all combined into one supercharged cookie...."

7. Pro style pot pie "I'm going put individual size pot pies on the menu at work and i'm wondering what the best way to handle storage and service. When i make them ahead, what's the best way to store them? I'm afraid that long-term refridgeration will make my bottom crust soggy but freezing them will make my fire time too long. Has any of you done this before?"

8. Dinner Tonight: Baked Ziti "...The great thing about this recipe is that, as the cookbook advertises, everything happens in one pot. So the pasta literally cooks in the sauce, sucking up as much of the tomato flavor as it can possibly manage. Relatively light on the cheese, this substitutes a bit of heavy cream, which oddly makes the whole dish feel light. The result is not quite the fantastic cheesy gut-bomb so commonly associated with baked ziti, but that's probably for the best. Still satisfying and creamy classic, this baked ziti is slightly more refined and definitely less greasy."

9. Serious Heat: The Quickie Banh Mi "Just because there's no banh mi restaurant in your area doesn’t mean you can’t experience the deliciousness of this exotic sandwich. I tried to make an easy version, but with enough taste and pep to still mimic the original. My problem with most banh mi recipes is they're too complicated to attempt, either with time-consuming braised pork or other difficult recipes for the meat."

10. The 'Science' of food going bad? "I am very interested in what happens to food as it goes bad. Fresh meat, fruits and vegetables to be more specific. Does any know what is going on there? What gas is given off as the food breaks down? What causes the smell? What is actually happening to the food itself?"