Rising Hipster Trend: Obscure Deli Meats


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

John Houder of The Gainesville Sun recently predicted up-and-coming hipster fads, and cold cuts made the list. Apparently the counterculture has come full circle and wheat gluten is too mainstream but mechanically sliced meats are back!

The classic “weird” meats like liverwurst and head cheese still fall under the umbrella of “establishment food," so hipsters will have to improvise with creations like zebra hoagies or capybara wraps. Combining animals will provide for even more individuality and, as is the case with ham radios and mopeds, will require searching for specialized and customizable gear that can be used to impress others. Hipsters will spend their time discussing the relative merits of different cuts of puma while grinding their own penguin-rhinoceros chorizo.

Extra points if the meat is so underground it doesn't even exist at the deli yet. The pictured mortadella might not be esoteric enough.