Results of Michael Ruhlman's BLT-from-Scratch Challenge


One Hungry Chef's DIY BLT flowchart.

Earlier this summer, food writer Michael Ruhlman challenged his readers to make BLTs from scratch and to go as "from scratch" as possible.

This morning, Ruhlman announced the winners on his site. Among various categories--Best BLT Photo, Best BLT Interpretation, Most Inspirational BLT--was the Best Over All BLT, made by Jared Dunnohew of One Hungry Chef. As his cool flow chart shows, Dunnohew did almost everything short of raising the pig and growing the wheat.

He foraged in parks for herbs for the bread, the homemade mustard, and the pork cure. He harvested his own sea salt (25 liters of ocean water yields 1 kilogram of salt, he reports). He grew his own tomatoes, lettuce, and chives. And he made his own vinegar cider (used in his homemade mayo).

In addition to Dunnohew's creation, there's just a wealth of BLT ideas here. I particularly like Feeding Maybelle's BLT savory pie.