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[Photographs: (chef's knife, bread knife)]

Remember how I'd mentioned that my roommate's nice Wusthof knives weren't sticking around forever? Well the day finally came when they made their sad exit from my life. Clearly, this was a bit of a debacle. Being on a budget doesn't particularly allow for the kind of splurge that would be required to replace Wusthofs, but after being privy to wonderful knives, how could I ever revert to my old stock?

Thankfully, Pure Komachi 2, a subsidiary of Shun, makes an impressive line of knives at knockout prices. With not a single knife topping $25, I was skeptical as to the quality of these blades, but the aficionados behind the store counter couldn't contain their excitement when I asked them to share their thoughts.

Convinced, I brought home the two most dire essentials: a 9" chef's knife, and an 8" bread knife that features a scalloped blade that's designed to cut equally well in both directions. The fact that they come in pretty colors didn't hurt either--products that consider both performance and aesthetic are admittedly my very favorite kind.

Later that evening, I excitedly brandished my new (and attractive) toys. Onions diced finely with little to no effort, and tomatoes sliced just as easily. In several weeks of use, I have yet to find something that these knives don't do well. But one thing that was rather surprising was how lightweight these are--since they're made of high carbon stainless steel, they're far less heavy than normal knives. This may take some getting used to, and may alter the way you grip the knife for control. Personally, I like the change and find the handle to be rather ergonomically designed, but I know it's not for everyone.

The chef's knife and bread knife are available for $14.95 each from Broadway Panhandler and


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