Are You a Menu Whisperer?


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Robyn and I recently had lunch with SE contributor Kenji Alt at a comfort food joint near our office. As is my wont, I ordered one of everything that looked interesting on the menu. Most of what we ordered was pretty disappointing, but we left no essential dish unordered. We enjoyed our lunch with Kenji, who sent us an email the following day:

I like the way you order. My wife would kill me if I did that every time. I've resorted to slipping in extra, un-discussed, un-approved dishes while the waiter is taking our order so that she can't veto me.

That cracked me up because I'm the same way with my wife. Wherever we go, Vicky first orders her usual modest repast, then I follow with a slightly more substantial, but still reasonable list of dishes. Then, as I'm handing the menu back to the server and my wife is sitting back, settling into her chair thinking we are done ordering, I say to the server in my very best stage whisper: "We'll also have x and y and z, for the table" (of course). Then, boy, is Vicky surprised when three extra dishes arrive with our order.

Kenji busted me. I'm a menu whisperer. Are you?