Who Likes Grape Soda?


Mm, soda can sweat.

I'm not a big fan of soda. Sort of. By that I mean don't drink it regularly and I'm not addicted to any one kind. (This is where some of my coworkers might point out that I'm the only one in our office drinking the free bottles of Mountain Dew Throwback sitting in a giant box on the floor, but...it's right there! And it's free! I wouldn't actually buy Mountain Dew. I think.)

But there's something about grape soda that I really like, thus causing me to buy a can during my recent visit to Di Fara. Does it taste like grape? Hell no—it tastes like artificially flavored grape candy. In turn, grape candy reminds me of being a kid, in particular going to summer camp and eating whatever candy they provided me with. Why this triggers a comforting feeling I don't know, considering that I rarely drank grape soda growing up and I didn't particularly enjoy summer camp, but for some reason I get a kick of "carefree childhood" and "warm, lazy summer" in every fizzy high fructose corn syrup-laden sip, the combination of which makes me feel notably happier than any other soda would.

Does anyone else particularly like grape soda?