The 'Veggie Reeltor,' a Broker for Vegetarians in the Bay Area

20090803veggie.jpgIn looking for a real estate broker, I'd want to know his experience, his commission, his accreditation. But his vegetarian tendencies? As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, broker Daniel Berman, working from Palo Alto, California, sells himself as a "vegetarian reeltor." (And no, that's not a typo; due to trademark concerns with the National Association of Realtors, he's using the term "reeltor" in lieu of the normal spelling.)

Believing that a customer and a broker should share fundamental values, he actively seeks out a veggie clientele. "Why should the real estate profession be the exclusive domain of meat-eating right-wing conservatives?" he asks. (Is it really?) He also offers to take a lower commission, if some portion of the savings are donated to a vegetarian or animal-rights group.

As a native Palo Altan, I feel as if I've discovered new artillery in characterizing my hometown. ("What's Palo Alto like?" "Well, there's a real estate broker for vegetarians...")