'The Un-Constipated Gourmet: Secrets to a Moveable Feast'

20090808coverimagecut.jpgFor all our collective obsession with food, dining, and the so-called joy of cooking, there's very little said about what happens to all that matter once we swallow it. Thus Danielle Svetcov's The Un-Constipated Gourmet: Secrets to a Moveable Feast, a cookbook with an eye towards promoting, er, gastrointestinal regularity.

With lengthy discussions about different cultures' approaches to digestive health and a "Go Meter" rating each recipe, this isn't a book that dances around its unappetizing subject. "The result is part culinary history, part mouthwatering cookbook, and part inquiry into nothing less than our bodies themselves," writes Chris Colin in the San Francisco Chronicle. Surely, Hemingway is rolling over in his grave.