The 10 Worst Lunch Boxes Ever


Photograph: Justin Goeres from LAVA

Cafe Society lists their picks for the 10 worst lunch boxes ever, but to my eyes they're 10 of the best lunch boxes ever!

Then again, I say that never having to tote one with me to school. I don't recall growing up with lunch boxes proclaiming "DISCO" or "CAMPUS QUEENS" during my '90s childhood. And as much as I love "The Exciting World of Metrics," I can see why wielding it might make the owner a target of a swift beating. (On that note, check out Justin Goeres' photos of the lunch box, which show how supremely awesome it is. If you're not prepubescent.)

Did you own any of these lunch boxes (or worse) growing up? Refresh your memory by checking out the Lunch Boxes Pool at Flickr.

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