Nutella vs. Gianduia vs. Generic Brand Hazelnut Spreads

20090818-nutella.jpgNutella and gianduia (sometimes spelled gianduja) is kind of a Kleenex and tissues situation. Nutella is the brand-name for a more general Italian chocolate-hazelnut confectionery known as gianduia. Many people say that high-end gianduia, where hazelnuts make up at least 50-percent of the ingredients, is like an evening gown next to the ripped denim of Nutella, which averages at about 13-percent. J.C. Reid of Houston Press's Eating Our Words blog recently compared the two:

Ultimately, comparing gianduia to Nutella is comparing apples to oranges. They are born from the same tradition, but the resulting flavor profiles are very different. Grateful Bread's gianduia has a wonderful depth and complexity of flavor manifested in the combination of hazelnuts, cocoa, sugar, vanilla and salt. Traditional Nutella sticks to the less challenging and more widely palatable combination of creamy chocolate with a nutty finish.


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Reid also threw in the generic Kroger brand of hazelnut spread for comparison kicks, which was a couple bucks less than Nutella for a 13-ounce tub. "The taste is indistinguishable."

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