Not Technically Food Books, But Books with Good Food Passages


From left: The 97th Step, Farmer Boy, and Tattoo.

There are only so many paragraphs about marrow bones and congealing aspics a person can read. After a few hundred pages of gastro-literature, it's nice to return to other books that don't make you want to eat your hand. If you're ready to branch out into "normal" books, but don't mind a few sporadic stomach growls, check out this Metafilter thread.

"I'm not particularly interested in novels about food; rather, I'd like to read more novels that are generally interesting and happen to include florid food accounts," says one reader. Others have poured in with ideas.

The 97th Step is a sci-fi novel but the protagonist is a big gourmand. Same with Pepe Carvalho, the private detective in the Spanish novel Tattoo. In Farmer Boy, the third book of the Little House series, Almanzo Wilder's daily farming duties involve a lot of hauling water and chopping wood, but he does his fair share of cow-milking and pumpkin-growing too. Any others?